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    At NANO STUDIOS AFRICA we envision a one-stop space for talented creatives. Our space has inviting working areas, access to wifi, a coffee shop to stay sparked, a studio, and creative outdoor areas for meetings. Watch this space for new facilities.

    Cozy Space

    No more camping out at busy coffee shops, you get to have a business address with a change of scenary. The perfect place to host various meetings and events for your team and clients!

    Collaborative Space

    You get to be part of a dynamic new community of content makers and get busy with the next big projects in town. Get inspired to develop your personal project with the support of experienced producers local and international.

    Connected Space

    You cannot do it alone, connect with emerging creative to build your idea from paper to screen. At our in-house SOL CAFÉ you can connect with your peers or invite clients over for business lunches or general planning meetings.

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    Available office space for emerging media startups.

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    Our Soundproofed Studio is 22sq meters great for all purposes.

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