Africa’s first film hub

As part of Africa’s economic growth ups to 2.8% this year, 2019 as predicted by the World Bank from different industries in both resource-intensive-countries and non-resource-intensive countries, Industries such as information technology, renewable energy, transportation, agriculture are in the limelight as current booming industries in Africa but a less popular and successful industry is being tapped into by entrepreneurs and business owners, the coworking industry.

Damilola Aransiola, in his article, mentions that the coworking industry in Africa has been growing rapidly since its inception in the mid 2000 and further goes on to estimate that there were over 250 coworking spaces in Africa by 2017, these figures have probably doubled or even tripled by now.

There are many coworking spaces in Africa from Algeria to Zimbabwe, Christina Holthuis shared an extensive list of African coworking spaces on her blog (link below). Many of these coworking spaces cater for, freelancers, startups, existing businesses, and more. Some coworking spaces prefer specifying the kinds of industries they expect their members to be in for example 360 Creative Hub located in Lagos that helps fashion entrepreneurs access their own private space where they can work on designs and even find specific machines they need for production and I hub located in Kenya that is a home to technology entrepreneurs. Others such as Thomas Fort located in Rwanda, Nairobi Garage in Kenya, Workstation in Nigeria are less specific on the industries that their members operate in.

Entrepreneurs turn to coworking spaces to save on costs such as rent, internet, electricity, reception services and office furniture. Networking is also another huge benefit that is gained from coworking spaces. Nairobi Garage founder, Hannah Clifford who tapped into the coworking industry gives reasons to why SMEs turn to her space offer; her space provides internet for companies that heavily rely on internet for operations, availability of a 24hrs space, shared working space, serviced office space, meeting rooms and storage space.

With different kind of hubs in place majority of them being either technology or entrepreneurial hubs, NANO STUDIOS AFRICA located in Rwanda joins the coworking industry as a One – Stop Media Hub for all aspiring film and video content creators.

Established in 2018, NANO STUDIOS AFRICA, provides technical and collaborative needs such as networking and creative coworking at it’s media hub with flexible plans for content creators and filmmakers. A coworking space, studio rental, meeting room, event garden, a coffee shop, receptionist services are among the many different amenities offered by NANO STUDIOS AFRICA.

NANO STUDIOS AFRICA as a film hub is one of its kind in Africa and hopes to be able to cater for the different needs filmmakers, content creators and other media interested people usually need in order to create their media projects smoothly.


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