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Inspired by their first visit to the Campaign against Genocide Museum which is located within parliamentary buildings, Hollywood based producer Richard Hall (GREAT BLUE PRODUCTIONS) and Rwandan producer Annette Uwizeye (A WIZE MEDIA) set out on a journey that would take over a year to create a dramatized documentary to tell the little known stories of the 600 men and women who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save their country.

‘The 600’ – Production team at NANO STUDIOS AFRICA

The film’s pre-production as well as production management took place at NANO STUDIOS AFRICA, a media hub in Kigali, while the CGI was also locally developed by GUEZ Show. The post-production that is the editing was executed by Los Angeles based teams including CCI DIGITAL. The film premiered on 3rd July, 2019 on the eve of Liberation day as a limited release phase and had subsequent cinema screenings as well as broadcast on  KC2 Rwanda.

Re-enactment scene being filmed at NANO STUDIOS AFRICA

Local and regional news outlets as well as local television shows covered what the ‘The 600’ film documentary was about, its creation process, screening time, the people behind the film’s creation and also the impact that this film would have on those who watched it, especially the Rwandan community.

‘The 600’ film press meeting at NANO STUDIOS AFRICA

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